Laszlo Kovacs

Hi, I am Laszlo Kovacs!

I'm an R&D engeneer at a small company close to London, I'm not allowed to tell what I design at work but here are some personal projects what I made in my free time.

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The ​Projects

CO2 CO O2 Monitor CO2 CO O2 Monitor
PIC16F1939 microchip controlled air quality monitor.

Intelligent Rain Sensor Intelligent Rain Sensor
PIC16F882 microchip
and gold plated surface

Input Selector Input Selector
PIC16F628 microchip
4 input , 1 output.

Oven Alarm Oven Alarm
PIC12F1840 microchip
LM358 and TDA7052

ADC to Modbus RTU converter ADC to Modbus RTU converter
0-10V input
Dip switch Slave ID selection 1-256
Dip switch Baud rate selection 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200

​Levitating Water Droplet Levitating Water Droplet
12v Water Pump, 12v Solenoid Valve, 12v LED Strip
MIT app Bluetooth remote