Laszlo Kovacs

Brief description about me

I showed interest in science and technology at my young age. Astronomy caught me first in my early teens.
I owe a lot to my father in this regard because I had many questions that He also tried to answer. Soon, however, I had to expand my worldview on my own because the questions outgrew my father’s knowledge in this area.
I was 15 when I borrowed Stephen Hawking’s book “A Brief History of Time” from the school library. ( the book caught me so much that I didn't even take it back to the library :) don't tell anyone. )
I also took part in a national school astronomy competition, where I managed to reach the 10th place.

Roughly this time, I met with the mystery of the home made PCB process. One of my cousin made them. He is about 5 years older so He was around 20 years old then.
One day when I went to visit him, he was making a PCB and it looked so interesting for me. I asked a lot from him about it. That day I knew I was going to make one myself later.
So I started learn the electronics.

Some pictures about my free times