Laszlo Kovacs

Hi, I am Laszlo Kovacs!

I'm an R&D engeneer at a small company close to London, I'm not allowed to tell what I design at work but here are some personal projects what I made in my free time.
(There will be a few pieces from work but not whole project :) .)

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The ​Projects

CO2 CO O2 Monitor
PIC16F1939 microchip controlled air quality monitor.

Intelligent Rain Sensor
PIC16F882 microchip
and gold plated surface

Input Selector
PIC16F628 microchip
4 input , 1 output.

Oven Alarm
PIC12F1840 microchip
LM358 and TDA7052

adc-to-modbus-rtu ADC to Modbus RTU converter
0-10V input
Dip switch Slave ID selection 1-256
Dip switch Baud rate selection 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200